Monday, October 18, 2010

The Black Dog

From a dear friend's group site.
"Depression is a matter of day to day life for some people. This group offers mutual support for sufferers BY sufferers and those who cope day to day with their illness.

It can be very hard when you suffer from any depressive illness or associated disorders. You can feel like no-one else understands, and that your life is taken out of your own hands by doctors and other people who tell you what you should do to help yourself. Here you will find people who cope and thrive every day despite their illness, and who will offer you support and guidance on your way to healing and a happy, fulfilled life.

Depression affects around 25% of the population, and the trend is growing. Even doctors will tell you that medication is only ONE part of the healing process - therapies like CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and 'talking' therapies are now more accepted and used than ever before.

That being the case, the more support you have, the better your chances of being able to deal with your illness - and the better your chances of returning to a more productive, happy life."

What isn't needed is for people to 'assume' that the person has this 'all in their head'. 
To a degree that is correct, but not in the derogatory sense of that statement. The Black Dog is an ever present companion, albeit unwanted, that can range in size from a puppy hardly noticeable to anyone but the person it 'hangs with'. to a raging snapping, snarling creature of menace that will take out all who are near this person to isolate them and keep them for itself as a play thing.

I understand this creature all too well. I live with it each and every day.

There are UNHELPFUL sayings that 'well meaning' people share with those of us who walk this path.. "I know EXACTLY how you feel dear"... how can you? Even if you and I shared the same dis-ease, there would be no way that you would be able to know EXACTLY how I felt, nor I the same about you.

Pity Parties are NOT helpful to ANYONE... be it the person throwing the party or those around..... we have our 'good days' and our 'not so good days'. We have times when just being left alone is good for us. We'll come back out of our cave eventually.
Walk with us, beside us. Go around to the other side of the valley and wait for us there, we will eventually join you, but PLEASE DO NOT pity us, nor treat us like we are imbecilic. We are people who feel, think, hurt, laugh, cry.

We are mothers, sisters, Aunties. Brothers, uncles, fathers.

We could well be YOU and you aren't aware of it as yet.

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