Monday, October 4, 2010

Have you ever wondered...

Why life is so darn difficult?
Why do 'things' that you 'plan' don't turn out?

Why is it the guy next door or down the road seems to 'have it all'? 
Could be that you, like me are just plain trying too hard to make things work 'our' way?

I came across a book in my wanderings in the library the other day, or did that book find me?
It is titled "Do Less, Achieve More -Discovering The Hidden Power Of Giving In" by Chin-ning Chu
sounded appealing so I thought I'd give it a read.. this is now on my MUST get for home books....
a little offering from my reading this morning

"Contentment seems an elusive goal that goes against our modern culture. In our minds, we all believe that in order to be contented everything in our lives must be going very well. The problem is: What does 'going very well' mean if you don't have a contented mind?
The word contentment often implies desirelessness and inactivity, It seems to contradict the state needed for aspiring to success. When you are seeking the consummation of a given goal or object, you presumably in a state of longing ir incompleteness - a state of noncontentment that drives you into endless activity......
The truly successful person knows the magnetic power of contentment. In order to get better, you must accept whatever positive results you have achieved - even though they may be considered meagre - because, where ever you are, this is your only  starting point.
Contentment is NOT  about beating yourself and others up unnecessarily to achieve even more;  nor is it about being satisfied with mediocrity.
Contentment  IS  about taking delight in our positive  results while, with gratitude and zest , we challenge ourselves and others in pursuing higher and loftier standards in every aspect of our lives.
The power of contentment gives birth to self acceptance and selfless love. 
This love then radiates to everything you touch - your work, your family - allowing a space for improvement. "

ACCEPT where you are at and work from there... take what has happened in your life up to this point as a learning tool... do NOT allow the past to keep you captured in mediocrity... look at what you HAVE ACHIEVED even if it is only gotten up each day and made it through that day.. find ways to stop trying so hard and let what is yours to come, come to you.....

A Bible saying comes to mind.... "Let go and let God"

Endeavour as much as possible, and this will take time and conscious work to achieve. Endeavour to 'be in the moment' something I am working on more consciously each day. Allow ONLY positive to be your guide.. those negative seeds will destroy your dreams if you let them...
seeds of:
low self esteem
hatred towards oneself or others

work on yourself and all around you will notice the difference.

Blessings on your journey

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