Saturday, October 9, 2010


Why is it that SO MANY of these so called 'helpful diet' pages have this focus "4 Foods To Never Eat" 
What ever happened to giving those of us who really want to live life to the fullest by eating, hopefully food that is beneficial to our particular bodies something like "4 Foods That Will Help Get Your Body Healthy"... now doesn't THAT sound so much better?

Positive reinforcement goes a lot FURTHER than anything negative. The negative thought implanted by that first title is going to do far more damage in the long run, it will I feel, set up in the mind a thought that 'this is NOT going to work, that I will always CRAVE these foods and by doing so sabotage all the effort I have put in thus far'... creating a cycle of yo-yo dieting. The body never knowing from one day to the next what it is going to be hit with for the day. 
Is it not BETTER to give support and encouragement to the mind and soul as well as the person (this includes you yourself) in this journey of a lifetime? 

If you are on this journey, and many of us are. 
Find a group of people who will challenge you in a loving and respectful way. 
A group of people, who will allow you to be you, not try to change you to be like them. 
A group where CONFIDENTIALITY of the group and individual "what is said in the group stays in the group' is PARAMOUNT 
A group who will respect individuality in that not everything works for everyone, we are all of us individuals with different and individual sets of life circumstances as well as bodies to deal with, and then there is the emotional and spiritual side as well.
There is a group of people who I love dearly and we are on this journey together, we value; love; and accept each other for what we have been through and where we are going. We journey TOGETHER, NEVER again to be alone in our striving and struggle.

BEWARE of ANYONE who tells you in one way or another "I know EXACTLY what you are going through dear"..... RUN

I encourage you to be KIND to yourself on this journey. There will be great days and not so great days. Times when you will not be fazed by what is going on around you and like today for me, there will be times when you just want to throw in the towel. Keep going, keep sight of the prize. Keep in your mind the reason you are on this journey. Are you doing this for YOU or others?
Keep a record of your initial weight, bare weigh is best. And then DO NOT use the scales until week 4, 8, and the like. You will in this journey lose fat which will be replaced by muscle. Muscle weighs HEAVIER than fat. The scales will lie to you your clothes will NOT. 
Keep a food diary, no one else need see it but you. This will give you a visual on what you actually DO put into you body and what you neglect to put in such as adequate amounts of water to help flush out toxins.
Limit the amount of sugar you have in the week. This includes sugary cereals (if sugar is in the first 3 ingredients..
STAY AWAY from it on a regular basis) alcohol, soft/fizzy drinks.
Lollies, cakes and the like. Bread as well, that is something that turns sweet in the body.

Get adequate rest and exercise. What ever you can do to move a bit extra each day, do it. If you are elderly or wheel chair bound, get a set of light weights and do resistance exercises, anything to move the blood around your body and get the heart rate up a bit. Above ALL ask your doctor what exercises are SUITABLE for your life style and situation.
Get up to change channels, park the car that little bit across from where you have a spot 'booked' ^_^
Laugh more, cry more, and live more. Life is way too short.
DO NOT deny yourself the occasional treat... a glass of wine with dinner is fine; just don't drink the whole bottle.
A chocolate biscuit is fine just not the whole packet (yep, I've done that by NOT THINKING, not being conscious of what I was putting into my mouth)

Be around POSITIVE people on your life's journey. You may find that people you knew for a long time disappear and you can't think why. There will be people come into your life for a short time... either for you to encourage them or them to do that for you and they will disappear again and you not know or understand why. DO NOT be saddened by this and revert back to emotional eating (I struggle with this EVERY DAY) keep travelling the road less travelled as the saying goes. Because not many will travel this road and keep going, one day reaching their goal, their destination and be able to look back at what they were and rejoice in what they have become.

I encourage you on this road in life. What ever you are becoming or embarking on becoming
Read GOOD uplifting books, think about what the author has to say
Keep a journal
Be around as many POSITIVE people as you can
Be with a group of people who will encourage you (but not let you stay in a pity party too long) on your journey through the high points and low

Do this for YOU

Blessings on your journey

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